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Universal frequency counter

Frequency counters are very popular and easy to build projects. This one is a AT90S8515 microcontroller and Lattice ispLSI2032 PLD based frequency counter. While microcontroller mainly takes care of communicating and data display, PLD counts incoming pulses and scales them down because of hardware 36bit counter implemented. When counter counts up – it generates an interrupt for MCU.

avr based universal frequency counter

Frequency counter has 5 operating modes:

  • Mode 0: Frequency(IN-1), up to 2.4GHz (in resolution of 100Hz);
  • Mode 1: Frequency(IN-2), up to 100MHz (in resolution of 1Hz);
  • Mode 2: Frequency(IN-2), up to 10kHz (in resolution of 100µHz);
  • Mode 3: Pulse Period(IN-2), up to 10sec (in resolution of 100nsec);
  • Mode 4: Pulse Width(IN-2) up to 10sec (in resolution of 100nsec)

And have three dedicated inputs for various cases:

  • IN-1: ZIN = 50ohm, 10MHz-2.4GHz;
  • IN-2(AC): ZIN = 1Mohm, 10Hz-100MHz;
  • IN-2(TTL): DC-100MHz

Frequency counter also has ability to communicate with PC via serial port. This way counter can log data to computer or be simply controlled by computer. Project files and source codes are available for download in project page.

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  2. Dear sir
    Please quote a universal frecuency counter with following specifications:
    Minimum capacity of 12/digits/reading
    Operation frequency in 1 and 2 channels of DC up to 255 MHz
    Operation frequency option in channel 3 100 MHz up to 3 GHz.
    Time interval mode resolution: less or equal to 150 p (channels 1 and 2)
    Capacity to discipline itself externally to a 10 MHz signal
    GPIB Data connection
    Remote programation capacity through SCPI language
    Entrance of feeding for 12 Vac lines with 60 Hz frequencies
    Best regards
    Digna Adames
    VANJI, S.A.
    2292 N.W. 82nd Ave
    Doral, Florida 33122

  3. Dear sir,
    I am final year engineering student in instrumentation. i want project details on ‘UNIVERSAL COUNTER’. or give some idea abt it.

  4. Follow the [Read] link to see full project!

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