TV Remote Controlled Clock

This project is about controlling a clock, using a TV remote and not using push-buttons to reset, or stop the timer. To get the time and date information, I am using DS1307 I2C Real Time Clock from Maxim Integrated. The clock and calendar provides seconds, minutes, hours, day, date, year and month information. The main clock is displayed on sets of seven segments multiplexed together, however for navigation purposes, a character based LCD was also attached so as to make navigation easier.

The multiplexing of seven segments is done by using two sets of shift register which seems to be a good solution when you are short on pins.  The IR receiver used is TSOP 4838 IR Receiver which is used to receive from remote control of consumer electronics such as TV and demodulate them to get the signals. A set of libraries available were used to decode the demodulated information, since different TV remotes work on different protocol. Apart from it it also has a temperature sensor. A really good project on application of multiplexing that can be done with an Arduino.

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