TV-based Oscilloscope – The LPC2138 Microcontroller-based Device

Many home hobbyists like to try something interesting and different. If you’re one of them that love to take on a challenge, then it’s the perfect time to get into this TV-based Oscilloscope projet!

Hold on a minute! You’re thinking, “TV-based Oscilloscope? I’ve done the similar project before and I don’t want to waste my time on this stuff again!” Come on, guys. This TV-based Oscilloscope is slightly different from the others, as it based on a LPC2138 microcontroller application. It can be used to convert a standard television into a high-functioning oscilloscope.

This means, with only a single chip solution, it able to turn your TV into a digital storage oscilloscope with a sampling rate 160 Ksps. This feature allows you to monitor five different voltages on the five analog inputs simultaneously!

TV-based Oscilloscope

The main purpose of the project is to implement a high-resolution video generator inside the ARM microcontroller, LPC2318. In this case, the video generator is able to operate in the background mode, even though with a very low CPU loading!

It supports two different standards, American NTSC and Europe PAL systems. The best thing about this project is no additional video-controller and video-RAM is needed. Therefore, it definitely helps us to save a lot of money! [Source]

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