Turning toaster oven in to reflow soldering station

Practically most of hobby level PCBs can be soldered by hand using soldering iron. But as circuit gets more dense and miniature it becomes very time consuming and unreliable job. And your fabrications starts looking not as nice as you’d expect. If you are serious about making lots of SMD PCBs then it’s time to think about reflow soldering.

frank26080116 decided to push his hobby to the next level and constructed a reflow station out of old toaster. Most important thing of reflow is to provide special temperature pattern which consists of several parts like pre-heating, soaking and reflow. It is important to keep characteristics within specs otherwise too much heat or too long reflow time may lead to failures.To keep things tight Frank used Atmega32U4 microcontroller to monitor temperature using thermocouple. Microcontroller also supports USB debugging, bootloader, LCD display and three control buttons.

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