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Turning Raspberry PI in to PIC programmer

Raspberry Pi is pretty popular Linux on a small board solution. It can do lots of stuff you can think off, so Giorgio Vazzana decided to build a PIC programmer. The RasPi software (called rpp) is written for GCC without any external library. So it can be compiled by running make command.

The more hustle there is with programmer physical interface as PIC requires high voltage (12V) supply in programming mode and 5V to drive logic. So it needs additional hardware attached to Raspberry Pi, because it provides only 3.3V. Currently programmer supports only 11 PIC16 chips without ICSP support. Hopefully this project will evolve in to more usable.

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  1. kiranvarma-npeducations

    PIC programmer using Raspberry Pi is a good idea, but cost will increase. I think the speed of the IC programming time will decrease.

    how can you support your PIC programmer with other PIC programmer available in the market.

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