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Transform the Tetris into Scopetris is a Piece of Cake!

If you born in 70s or 80s, one of the most popular games in that moment must be Tetris! Some of you must have this type of experience before: You’re spending the whole day, sitting on the couch just want to break the new record of the Tetris!

Although most of us here have been grown up, but hey, it doesn’t mean that we cannot having some good time, isn’t it? Today, you’ll have the chance to build a Tetris game!


The different of the Tetris game with other is you have to create with an ATMega32, where the player need to control the beam of an oscilloscope. This project is named as “Scopetris”.

In this case, you’ve to implement the Tetris game by yourself, by simply drawing the individual bricks in the playfield. The graphics implementation tries to draw all objects in the game with 100Hz to ensure a smoother appearance. After it, the beam will rest in the top left corner of the playfield. When the number of bricks in the playground starting to increase, the drawing routine will take longer.

By the way, you can control the game by only wire a D-sub 9 pin connector to the microcontroller, where it enables you to use the standard Atari joystick. So, have fun with this Scopetris!

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