Traffic Message Channel Receiver

You’re getting bored and frustrated with all the annoying traffic jams? Instead of keep grumbling about it, you should find the permanent solution to overcome this problem!

For those that living in the European countries, especially the European Union countries, do you know that there’s a smart technology named “Traffic Message Channel” or also known as “TMC”? The special thing about this Traffic Message Channel is it actually a specific application of the FM Radio Data System (RDS) that being used for broadcasting real-time traffic and weather information. Normally, data messages are received and decoded by a TMC-equipped car radio. After it, it will be delivered to the driver in different ways.


Drivers who using the Traffic Message Channel Receiver will enjoy the following several benefits, which as:

  1. It’s received via “silent” FM data channel, and the users can still listen to music or news from the FM radio without any interruption at all!
  2. The message arrive will be displayed on the spot, thus you don’t need to wait for the scheduled traffic news bulletin.
  3. Traffic Message Channel services are 24/7/365 and presented directly to the drivers without any filtration or modification.

To all European friends, you should consider to install this TMC Receiver on your car, if you don’t want to getting trapped in the traffic jam anymore!

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