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Tiny pocket password reminder

Probably everyone has a long list of passwords to remember. But are they safe from other and from forgetting them. Some people are using same password for all cases…well this is not safe. And of course using popular words as passwords also isn’t safe. It is better to use characters mixed with numbers. But these are hard to remember.



Alberto ricci bitti have built a fancy embedded pocket password reminder which can remember hundreds of passwords. The circuit is simple – menu navigation is done with encoder rotor and single button. Information from Cypress CY8C27443 microcontroller is displayed on 2×16 character LCD display. In order to access passwords you need to enter 5 digit code by rotating and selecting symbols with rotor encoder. But the most interesting thing in this project is how password information is captured from PC. Device have a phototransistor which is used to read data from PC monitor. Author have developed simple web script which allows to enter password with on screen keyboard. Then phototransistor pointed to special screen area reads the code which is modulated to black and white blinks. These blinks are captured by phototransistor, decoded and stored to pocket password reminder. All project is available for download from here. For this nice idea Alberto was won a PSOC contest.

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