Tiny copter game on Nokia 3310 LCD

nemo from hackniac have put himself in to challenge to build a small portable game out of Attiny13 and 3310 LCD.

As final result he built a simple game where small copter flies through varying cave terrain. If you hit the terrain – you loose. Main challenges here were obvious – limited resources. There is no way to talk C when there is only 1K of Flash. So code was written completely in ASM. Other limiting factor was using a pin for control button. He managed to free one pin from LCD control. One button is enough to control copter height. And lastly he decided to show hexadecimal value of score. It saves some flash space that is very limiting factor of generating more terrain. As nemo says he didn’t want much time in developing game, so it isn’t optimized enough. There is still space to squeeze lots of things. So feel free to do so.

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