Time Displays Won’t Be a Problem Anymore!

Clock is one of the common electronic gadgets in every household. Honestly, would you ever figure out the life without the existing of clock? Yep, it must be very horrible, isn’t it?

Well, if you want to own a stylish clock, but you’re not decide to buy it from the marketplace, maybe this cool Radio Controlled Clock with Large-sized Display can be a good assistant here.

Let’s go through the project. First thing first, the charged part of this Radio Controlled Clock is comprised with a display circuit, which is making it easy to see using the large-sized 7 segment LED. In addition, an LED matrix is being used for the display of a day of the week.

Radio Controlled Clock with Large-sized Display

The even more interesting part is the display is included with a Japanese character (Kanji), which is indicating the seven days in a week!

The PIC16F877 is applied in this project, as it has 40 pins. Latch registers are used to maintain time information for the display. Well, you can make a circuit compact, by included D-FF of the 7-bit x16 circuits on two CPLDs (XC9572-84).

Meanwhile, the PIC16F628 is needed for the circuit to displays a day of the week by the Kanji in the LED matrix. Beside that, PIC16F628 also responsible for suppressing the consumption electric power of the LED too!

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