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TicTocTrac – a digital watch that tracks time perception

All events in today’s world is based on time. Our day is usually planned and tied to time so we need to keep track of it. So this is a great wrist watch project designed by Cornel students Brian Schiffer and Sima Mitra. The aim of this project was not only to tell time (which is also greatly displayed) but also keep track of your time perception.

It records every activity to the SD card that later can be graph plotted. By analyzing time graph you can see how well you perceive time. An you may notice that the more often you check time the slower it seems to go. Especially when you do boring tasks. Be sure to read the whole concept of this project. The rest seems to be somewhat standard – AVR microcontroller, DS3234S RTC, MicroSD, etc. They also put some effort and 3D printed a watch case that looks really geeky.

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