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This “Pistachio” Cannot Be Eaten!

Do you love to eat Pistachio? Stop right there! You have already read the above title that this “Pistachio” is not the nut that you always eat; instead, it’s a nickname for the W5100-SPI board, “Pistachio”!

So, not matter you’re mouth watering now, please forget about the food first and concentrate on this W5100-SPI board “Pistachio”.

Before you’re starting the project, do you know what the meaning of SPI is? Well, the SPI is a shortened form of “Serial Peripheral Interface Bus” and it’s a synchronous serial data link, which it standard is named by Motorola. SPI is normally operates in full duplex mode. It’s a devices communicate in Master/Slave mode, where the master device will initiate the data frame. Beside that, multiple slave devices are allowed with individual slave select or chip select lines. Sometimes, SPI also being called a “four wire” serial bus, due to its ability to contrast with three, two and one wire serial buses!

By the way, the W5100-SPI is only a very small hardware TCP/IP processor and it requires a small fix to make the board work. In addition, this Pistachio can be operated on 3.3V or you can connect it directly with 5V system like Arduino as well!

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