This “MAID” is totally unbelievable!

“Maria, where’s my towel?”

“Maria, have you prepared the breakfast yet?”

“Maria, did you watering the backyard garden?”

“Maria, I can’t find my newspaper, where did you put it?”

Ok, if you’re one of the few that afford to hire a MAID, then you’re very lucky. However, for those who didn’t have the ability to do it, don’t be frustrated, as this intelligent “MAID” is ready to provide the service you need here!

Hehe, you must be wondered, why I bracketed the MAID word? Well, it’s because the MAID word is actually a short acronym of “Mechanized Assistant for Indian Domestic”.

Mechanized Assistant for Indian Domestic

You know what; MAID is one of the brilliant ideas from IIT Madras Golden design challenge, as it’s an innovative new home appliance robot that helps household.

By using the MAID, it becomes a robot house cleaner and performs the following tasks, such as:

  • Floor cleaning,

  • Floor mopping,

  • Dust cleaning.

In order to make the MAID becomes even user friendly; you might want to include these components into the project:

User interface unit – It has a keypad, LCD display and speaker.

The sensors and camera unit – It capable to sense the ground clearance, floor presence and object distance measurement. Camera is being used to identify the elevation of the objects, inaccessible corners, computer and TV unit dust accumulation spots.

Power and Drive unit – It’s the main part of the system, which is powered with Li-Ion/NiMH battery along with charge unit and low battery alerter.

Don’t waste your time anymore, it’s time to start making your very own “MAID”…

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