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This Little Daisy is Awesome!

Are you nterested in MP3 Players? Ok, would you like to create a portable and cute little Daisy MP3 player, if you’re giving the chance here?

Don’t be fooled about the size of this Daisy MP3 Player, as this Daisy is a multipurpose sound player for embedded applications. As a result, it can be used as a standalone personal music player, as the sound for any art projects, as a museum tour guide (if only you have the chance to involve yourself in this job!), in a toy or whatever embedded audio that required high sound quality.

Since it uses MMC or SD flash memory cards, thus the storage size is unlimited. Meanwhile, it also has several interface modes for human or machine control purposes!

For your information, this Daisy is based on the Microchip PIC 18F45j10 and it’s a new family of PIC microcontrollers. Although this PIC18F45j10 is a new microcontroller but it is capable of running at a full 40MHz at 3.3 volts. Furthermore, most of the pins are 5 volt tolerant, which it will ease the interface with other microcontrollers.

The other chip on this board is a VS1011 and it’s an combination of MP3 and .wav decoder chip, a DAC and a headphone amplifier all in one 28 pin package!

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  1. Just the thing for a project that was buried in my superego!

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