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This 3in1 Stepper Motor Controller Will Bring More Fun To Your Electronic Life!

What do you know about the Stepper motor? Generally, the stepper motor is a synchronous electric motor that can be used to divide a full rotation into a large number of steps. Thus, the motor’s position can be controlled accurately, although it has no any feedback mechanism!

Basically, stepper motors are similar to switched reluctance motors, where it is a very large stepping motor that mostly equipped with a reduced pole count, and it’s generally in the close-loop commutated too!

Theoretically, stepper motor can be divided into two basic winding arrangements for the electromagnetic coils in a two phase, which are bipolar and unipolar.

Speaking about the Stepper motor, how many of you here ever try to develop a 3in1 Stepper Motor Controller, which you’ll need to combine three different stepper motors in a circuit board and it is then fully controlled by a single ATmega8, which it’s runs at 8 MHz.

Well, although the motors are fully controlled by the same microcontroller, but each of it can still move independently! In addition, the board can be used to receive commands to drive the motors through serial interface from a computer.

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  1. Hello,

    I have a question. I have two stepper motors. They are unipolar. I’m making a board. I need to help with design of board. I want to control it with microcontroller Atmega8. And to communicate with PC via the serial port.

    Should I use ULN2803 ?

    Thank you.

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