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The World’s Smallest yet Cutest Wheeled Robot with a Gripper!

Nowadays, we’re always hear many news about the robots, such as robotic films/movies, robotic exhibitions, robotic development and much more. Honestly, no matter you like it or not, our life is already packed with robotic news, and we’ve become a part of them!

Well, to all the robot maniacs, it’s nothing better and exciting to build our own robot. In this case, would you mind to create the world’s smallest and cutest wheeled robot with a gripper?

Ok, it might sound a little bit ridiculous, especially to build up our own robot at home! If you think that it’s an impossible task, then you can leave it alone. For other who is highly confident on themselves, you’ve to try it out, as it would be one of the most amazing self-DIY robot that you’ve ever built in your life!

Worlds smallest and cutest wheeled robot with a gripper

Go figure, you’ll need a lot of determination and patience to build a 1/20 cubic inch (Yep, you didn’t wrongly read it) robot with a gripper. This means, it has a size smaller than a dime! Please don’t underestimate this tiny robot, as it able to pick up and move small objects, as like other robots did. It’s fully-controlled by a Picaxe microcontroller.

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