The US2B Radar – the Truly Radar That will Put You on the Test

Have you ever think to develop a high-tech and sophisticated US2B radar by yourself? You might think that this totally a mission impossible project, then you is wrong here.

Before you starting the task, you’re better prepare these following components:

  • PIC18F4550 microchip (microcontroller)
  • An ultrasonic range sensor
  • A old bipolar stepper motor (This for the motor turning purpose)

Below here is the figure for the finished radar with the USB missile launcher beside it.

The stepper motor will turn the ultrasonic range finder in 360 degrees and reverse (Cool, isn’t it?). When two measurements have been made, the PIC will send out the data to the PC by using an asynchronous interrupt transfer. The timer in the PIC controls the stepping motor turning speed.

When you starts the radar, you have to wait for the radar to turn around completely, before you’re pressing the “Scan Environment” to let the application know about the detected targets are the normal environment (any solid objects, such as walls, chairs or even your hand!). If the is any target within the detection range (the read dot area), the application will turn the launcher to the nearest detected target and fires!

Note: Remember not to launch the missile to your kitty or doggy!

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  1. It’s a nifty project, but I’m unclear why the word ‘RADAR’ appears anywhere in it. RADAR means ‘Radio Detection and Ranging’. There’s no radio anywhere in this. It’s SONAR, or ‘SOund Navigation And Ranging)’. We typically think of SONAR as being in an aquatic environment, but that’s not a requirement.

  2. Cool project, i will do it with 8051 Microcontroller.

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  5. JC: radar means Remote Aided Detection And Ranging, NOT radio detection and ranging.

  6. JC is right; Jernej is wrong. RADAR is and acronym formed of RAdio Detection And Range.

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  8. @Jernej:

    “The term RADAR was coined in 1941 as an acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging”

    “The term has since entered the English language as a standard word, radar, losing the capitalization”

    Hence, the OP was trying to imply they are using radio when they are using sonar.

    They used this sensor:

  9. What would the range on something like this be?

  10. Oh dear. Please tell me that you are not a native English speaker.

    Try using the grammar checker in M$ Word.

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