The Universal USB Remote Control Receiver is Marvelous!

It supposed a fun and relaxing moment to listen to MP3s or watching xvids/x264s, but you’re keep annoying and stuck yourself using the keyboard to pause, change the volume and fast forward through bothering mythbusters recaps over and over again…

Most of the PC remote control receivers range from ancient serial port designs to USB device is not supported by popular software. If you’re having the chance to test on an universal USB remote control receiver that can overcome the above matter, would you like to try it?

On the above diagram, you can see that this universal USB remote control receiver is slightly different from the other. The remote controls transmit data on a modulated infrared beam and an infrared receiver IC will try to separate the modulated beam into a clean stream of 0s and 1s. A microcontroller decodes the data stream and it is sending to a computer over a USB connection. Lastly, the software processes the codes and triggers actions on the computer.

If you’re interested to take this project into a further distance, then you might want to consider using the RC5x compliant receiver follows a widely used interface protocol. There’s a ton of possibilities for more additional features in an open source infrared receiver!

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