The Ultra Cool Stereo PWM Audio

When someone mentions about the Stereo PWM Audio, what’s crossing in your mind? Well, some of you here might be properly think, “Nothing much, as it must be another ordinary Stereo PWM Audio”.

Well, believe it or not, this ultra cool Stereo PWM Audio is totally different from the other. Before that, how well are you know about the PWM? For your information, PWM is the short acronym of “Pulse Width Modulation”. It’s a modulation technique, which is being used to generate variable-width pulses to represent the amplitude of an analog input signal.

Stereo PWM Audio

Normally, PWM is widely used in the common “switch-mode” power supplies, as a powerful converter to convert AC power to DC for computers. Furthermore, it can be used to control the speed of a DC motor and the brightness of a bulb.

Some people were imagined, if it possible to use the PWM from a simple micro-controller for duplicating complex sounds? Well, it’s possible, especially when it’s a stereo PWM audio!

In most of the time, PWM is a very useful method, as it used in audio amplifiers to generate output signals for mobile phone speakers to high-power stereo systems. Honestly, PWM amplifiers produce less heat than traditional analog amplifiers!

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