The Tetris Song

This project might sounds a little interesting to people who have played tetris in the past, probable when they were younger. Some people like me, still play it as I consider it to be one of a good pastime. Moving onto the project, you can say that this project is actually a DIY tetris game that we used to play on hand video games. It even features a tetris sound which is based on your gameplay. Another good thing it has been built around ATMEGA328P and atiny85.

An ATtiny85 is used to store the notes matrix and it listens to the ATmega328p on two pins to either play/stop the music or just pause it. Just imagine the amount of complexity involves in the project. Even storing the tone in just 512 bytes of Ram is a challenging task. Moreover, it looks like the author has an excellent coding skills, as it’s really difficult to make something like this using LED matrix and buttons and that too without any flaws. In the future version he plans to add some LED’s to reflect the score as well as an accelerometer so as to make input easier

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