The Superb Capacitive Discharge Spot Welder – A Must Build Project For Every Home Hobbyists!

Welcomed back, guys. First of all, anyone of you here ever get involved with the capacitive discharge spot welder before? Well, for those that didn’t hear about it, then you must spare a few minutes, and read through this article…

Well, we’ve talking about the characteristic of spot-welder few days ago. The capacitive discharge spot welder is a very superior device, as it provides more control than liner transformer versions.

Basically, a very large capacitor is charged to a precise voltage. Then, it discharges through the material to produce a controlled cut. In most of the time, the same device is being used for spot and tab welding.

If you want a simple discharge cutting, then you have to take out the controller. By simply connect the audio capacitor directly to a high current rectified DC supply; you can easily turn the discharge on and off. Plus, it’s possible for you to control the duty cycle and frequency too.

For your information, this project requires a 1-Farad audio capacitor for storage, where is needed to be connected to its charge source via an IRFP2907 MOSFET.

Meanwhile, you need to use a dsPIC32 into the project, as it monitoring all of the voltage sources and regulates charging!

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