The Super Strong Signal Keychain Finder

“Darling, have you seen where I put my car keychain?” The husband asked his wife, who is busy preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

“No, Honey. I haven’t seen it, I’m busy now, why don’t you search it for yourself. After all, it isn’t the first time you’re forgot where you’ve putting the car keychain!” The wife replied her husband question.

“Never mind, keep busy with you work and I’ll find it myself…” The husband seems to be a little bit frustrated right now!

Ah, ah, ah…, don’t laugh so loud yet, as you maybe have the similar situation as the husband did, where you’re always forgot about your car keychain was!

In this case, you might need some little help here, by implementing the super strong signal keychain finder.

Keychain finder

Have a closer peek on the above figure. Basically, the keychain finder is a GPS device with two buttons: Save and Find. By pressing the Save button, it records the current location, while pressing Find button will visually leads you back to the saved location. This powerful keychain allows you to save up to nine different locations at once!

In addition, this keychain will automatically sense the location where you’ve put your car, especially if you’re attending a funfair, tournament or concert, which there are over thousands of cars in the parking lot by a press of “Find” button! Simple and easy, isn’t it?

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