The Super Cool and Easy Internet-enabled Message Center

Well, you might have heard about the Arduino before, but have you ever get involved with ioBridge IO-204? For those who have no idea of ioBridge, it responsible for remote controlling and monitoring without network configuration or programming.

Internet-enabled Message Center

Today, we’re going to create an easy Internet-enabled Message Center. Basically, it used the ioBridge IO-204 as the main part with the combination of Arduino. This internet-enabled message center is easy to operate, which by only a press of button, you can get the temperature on the LCD screen in no time!

In addition, with this device, you can also acquire the latest stock quote from Google (The stock quote comes from the Yahoo Financials API).

For showing your creativity, you might want to add a secret button onto the project. Let’s say, the button will give you an alert 1-2 minutes, before your loved ones is on the way to your room. In this case, you can safely keep the secret, by hiding it away from your loved ones, even though they want to do an unpredictable spot check on you! Isn’t it a brilliant idea?

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