The Spectacular 64 Synchronizing Fireflies

Guys, if you’re a regular visitor, then you might have probably read the previous article before, which is talking about on how to synchronizing Firefly!

Today, we’re going to double up, triple up or multiple the ordinary monotonous synchronizing firefly project into the 64 Synchronizing Fireflies (Yeah, sounds like a very challenging project, isn’t it?)

In the previous synchronizing firefly project, a ping-pong ball is used as a diffuser. This time, we need 64 ping-pong balls and transform it into a huge Synchronizing Fireflies field!

64 Fireflies Part II from tinkerlog on Vimeo.

Look on the above video clip; you noticed that every firefly acts completely autonomous. An Attiny13 controls each of the fireflies independently. The reasons why they’re connected together are mainly for power supply only!

You’re wondering, “Why I should use the Attiny13, instead there are many other Attiny version out there?” Well, it’s because the Attiny13 is perfect enough to act as the phototransistor’s reader and lights up an RGB led.

Technically, these synchronizing fireflies are well-programmed to blink in a certain rate. However, once it detected other blinks, it starting to blink faster. You will soon discover that the fireflies are beginning to blink in unison, after a few cycles!

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