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The Sophisticated Radio Controlled Clock

In the past, the radio controlled clock can only be found in the radio and TV stations, as they normally using it to make sure that key programme junction are hit and the radio/TV news broadcasts exactly at the right time! It’s very difficult to find the radio controlled clock at household, due to its expensive development systems.

However, the time has changed and now, the radio controlled clock are available for home hobbyists. Some of you here must be wondered, “How do radio controlled radios work?” Well, radio controlled clock is able to receive regular time and date updates over the air via a constantly broadcast long wave radio signal. Furthermore, radio controlled clocks are very accurate to the second, where they are updated with time information over the air from an atomic clock. They will self-correct, if the clocks go back or forward due to summertime adjustments!


In this project, the PIC16F873 is used for the main unit of radio controlled clock, as it can handle and processing the year/month/day/hour/minute/second and a display in the LCD without any hassle. In addition, Time Code Receiver IC U4226B is being used to take out the time information.

Although this project might cost you a longer time, but it definitely worth the time, once you’re done with it!

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