The Smart Real-Time Edge Detection System

How much do you know about the edge detection? Well, if you want to know more about it, then you should spare some times and hang out here…

For your information, edge detection is a terminology in image processing and computer vision, where it’s particularly in the areas of feature detection and feature extraction. It uses to refer to algorithms at identifying points in a digital image, at where the image brightness changes sharply.

The main purpose of detecting sharp changes in image brightness is to capture important events and changes in properties of the world (Isn’t it sounds cool to you?). Do you know that by applying an edge detector to an image may cause it to reduce the amount of data to be processed and filtered out information that may be regarded as less relevant? However, if the edge detection step is successful, then the subsequent task of interpreting the information contents in the original image may be substantially simplified!

The specialty about this real-time edge detection is this project uses a 2MP camera to capture the image stream. The sobel edge detection is performed real-time on an FPGA and displayed to a VGA monitor instantly.

If you have interest in this project, then you should try to develop one for your own purpose!

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  1. Hi, I’m building for my senior project an Edge Detector using FPGAs, Would you give me some Tips or advices, please?? such as… which algorithm is easier to program….?? even tho, which FPGA I could use… I’m gonna detect the object and with a Cartesian coordinate system Robot, I’m gonna pick up and remove the object previously detected…
    That’s all my project, the robot design, I’m working on it… i’m gonna build it with servomotors… I’ll appreciate your Help! Thank you.

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