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The Smart Mobile-Controlled Home Automation System

You’re tired of switch on/off the switches in your house day after day, and you’re looking for something that can overcome this hassle? Well, you should feel lucky about it, as you’ve found the permanent solution for the above matter!

This mobile-controlled home automation system allows you to control the on/off state inside your house. It can control up to eight 3A appliances via mobile phone or through the web browser. The system is cheap and it’s very effective for every household.


However, it has a few perquisites, which as:

  • You have to ensure that the internet connection and computer is always situated in “On” condition;
  • You’ll need the PHP enabled Web space and WAP/web enabled phone, if you want to use the mobile control features of the system.

This project uses a PIC16F84 as the programmable chip and it needs some soldering work. However, it’s only a small matter and you can handle it very well!

Although the switches are simply 240vac relays, where it’s insulated in a plastic project box, but you still need to be very careful about it and never ever use the relays while the enclosure is open. For your information, the 240vac can kill you instantly!

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  1. hi am working on a project mobile controlled home apliances am using mt8870 an 8051 ics but am not finding its circuit diagram will u help me in finding this an i even need the code for 8051

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