The Smart Garage Parking Assistant Means No More Bang Bang Sound!

Are you always having the problem to park your car inside the garage? You just don’t know where the limit is and often gets the car banging on the garage’s door?

Ok, you did feel the frustration and would like to get rid of this problem as soon as possible. Well, this “Garage parking Assistant” might be the permanent solution for you here!

The specialty about this system is it can give you the right signal with a traffic-light style display of when to pull in (Green light), slow down (Yellow light) and Stop signal (Red signal). These lights will ease the parking work for sure!

There are four different zones for this project and each of the zones has the different function.

Zone 1: This zones close to the sensor or wall and will indicate the area you can’t park with. This mean if you’re getting too close with the zone, then the Red LED will flash on/off continuously to give you a warning.

Zone 2: This is the zone, where you know how to park the front of the car.

Zone 3: This is the zone, which you can set where you want to be prepared to stop by.

Zone 4: Here is the zone that the PING))) sensor detects the car and until you’re safely enter the car to the Yellow Zone!

Hope with his innovation project, it will help you overcome the parking problem!

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