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The Smart Board Computer in VW Golf!

What will you do, if you have a Volkswagen Golf? Well, you might properly say, “I think I’ll better leave it alone!” Ok, if this your wish, then you it’s all up to you! However, you might have missed the most interesting part here (Curious about it? Then, stick here and read on the articles…)

Actually, this project is a digital clock that being used by using a 16×1 LCD display with 13mm high characters. With this way, it makes the display becoming easier to read. A Real Time Clock, where it’s an independent of the microprocessor is continuously updates the date/time. Beside that, the display is ideal for showing the information of other functions, example like the various temperature (it can be indoor or outdoor temperature), onboard voltage (V), battery charging current (A), the engine speed (rpm), fuel quantity (liters) and much more.


The best thing about this digital clock is the date and time is always visible on the display, although the engine is already turned off. However, you must pay attention that the contact is always on, as it will not keep the computer operating if it already turned off! Furthermore, you have to disable the contact on the display automatically time/date mode and handle the system in power-safe mode when it’s necessary. Read translated source here.

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