The Small Tennis Computer Device on Wristband

Tennis, one of the most popular sports that offer over millions of dollars to the winners, has been the favorite sport for over billion of fans in worldwide.

Based on the history, tennis was invented between 1859 and 1865, when Major Harry Gem and his friend Augurio Perera developed a game that combined two elements together: A racket and the Basque ball game, pelota. The world’s first tennis club had founded in Leamington Spa in 1872 and the very first tennis tournament has been held in the grounds of Shrubland Hall on July 23, 1884!

If you’re a loyal tennis lover, and you can’t live without it, maybe this small tennis computer device on wristband is the fantastic gadget that you must have!

Small Tennis Computer Device

When you’ve putted on the tennis computer on your wrist, you can start collect match statistic during a tennis play. Basically, it’s about the size of a wristwatch with five buttons for data input and an array of LED lamps to display the score. After play, you use a cable to connect the tennis computer to a PC and download the match statistics instantly.

By the way, the tennis computer is battery operated, which is can operate for over three months in normal circumstances. In addition, the device is highly-sealed and water proof too!

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