The Simplest AVR Controlled Clock

You’re always having the determination, which you would like to build yourself a simple and easy to navigate Atmel AVR controlled clock? However, your dream seems doesn’t become a reality, due to the many factors?

Well, it wasn’t too late as long as you have the urge here…

Oh, for those of you that don’t know about the definition of “AVR”, it is a Harvard architecture 8-bit RISC, which have been fully modified and developed by Atmel in 1996. The AVR has been known as the first ever microcontroller that being used in the on-chip flash memory for the program storage purposes. The types of programs can be One-Time Programmable ROM, EPROM, or EEPROM.

There are four basic families for the AVRs and there are:

  1. tinyAVRs, which equipped with 1-8 kB program memory and 8-32-pin package
  2. megaAVRs, where it’s a 4-256 kB program memory and 28-100-pin package
  3. XMEGA is a 16-256 kB program memory and 44-100-pin package
  4. Application specific AVRs, which are a megaAVRs with some special features that not found on the other members of the AVR family, example like LCD controller, USB controller, advanced PWM etc.

Ok, after a simple introduction about the AVR, is time to back to the topic…

For today project, you have to make the AVR controlled clock, where it only consist one AVR processor and one BQ-M512RD LED display. You can download the schematic here.

That’s all for today, thanks and enjoy the project 🙂

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