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The Simplest Arduino Realtime Audio Processing

Do you believe that with some little modification, some of the realtime audio processing can be done with using only Arduino? You still can’t believe it, then please stick with us and read on the article…

For this project, the audio input signal is connected via a 10uF capacitor (Remember that you have to use 10uF capacitor, or else it won’t be success!) to the analog input 1 of the Arduino board. Then, you need to add two resistors and a trimpot to the audio signal.


After it, a potentiometer is connecting to analog input 0 (This is used to control the audio effects). The pin 11 will be used as PWM audio output connected via RLC filter to the audio output jack (You can choose to connect the output to an active PC speakers as well).

You can use a PC and audio software, such as Audacity to generate a test signal. However, the signal is needed to be filtered first, as this to avoid the aliasing effect when the signal gets sampled. This method is to eliminate any unwanted distorted sound.

Finally, you can connect the PC headphone output to the setup and playback the music clip in an endless loop. Voila, have fun and jamming around with the music!

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