The Simple DIY IR Widget

Are you feeling frustrated with the old type IR and you’re wished to have a simpler IR widget?

First thing first, for those that don’t know what the IR for, it’s an acronym for “Infrared” and it’s an electromagnetic radiation, where its wavelength is longer than that of visible light, but shorter than of mirowaves.

The IR widget is captures the infrared signal used by remote controls. Basically, it operates in a way that makes it compatible with modern multitasking operating systems. It’s able to determine the carrier frequency and demodulate the carrier in the digital or analog domain. Furthermore, the captured information can be used to view, recognize, or reproduce the signal. The hardware is designed to be as simple and low cost as possible. For this project, a PIC12F629 was used for development and almost any PIC that uses the 12 or 14 bit instruction set could be used.

An infrared detector module is used to allow the microcontroller to see every infrared pulse at close range. This allows for greatest detail and accuracy. Meanwhile, an optional infrared demodulator module can also be used to allow for long range reception with less detail too!

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