The Scrolling Text on Oscilloscope Based on PIC16F628A

Many of you here might have heard about the oscilloscope before, or maybe have frequently using them in your daily electronic project! However, have you ever used the scrolling text on oscilloscope?

To be honest, it’s nothing different, except you are using the scrolling text on oscilloscope. For your information, the project is built with only one component, the Microchip PIC16F628A!

You must be shocked and wondering, “Oh, is it possible to build a device with one electronic component?” Hehe, anything is possible, as long as you knew the proper ways!

When you’re using the scrolling text on oscilloscope, the characters that are going to be displayed are stored in EEPROM. Normally, the first EEPROM location with 0xFF value is considered as end of each text, while the last EEPROM location (address 0x7F) contains the scrolling speed in 20mS steps.

You must know that the configuration word for this application (address 0x2007) is 0x3F34. Hence, you need to place a jumper between the pins VDD and VPP, after you’ve programmed the micro via the ICSP connector.

Mostly, the oscilloscope will be set for 2mS/div on X axis and 1V/div on Y axis. By the way, please take note that one full screen contains 10 characters!

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