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The Rotating LED POV Display

You have probably seen many assorted rotating LED displays and maybe, you’re lack of interest about it! Well, don’t be so sure first, as there are many bizarre and unusual things in the electronics world…


Check out the above figure, isn’t the rotating LED POV display seems to be so cool? Honestly, this rotating LED POV display is a little bit different than the others, as it’s one well constructed device that comes with very solid construction. Furthermore, it can display multiple colors at the same time.

For your information, the project is based on a MAX233 RS232 level converter and is connected to the motor with three short M3 bolts. There is a main switch, where is enable the power go on to the rotating board, so that you can program it easily.

The rotating board gets its ground through the motor while the 12V is coming from the upper bracket.

For the LEDs parts, you have to make sure that you’re using 16 double color (red+green) LEDs and arrange all the LEDs in one straight line, just like the below figure:


Also, remember to do some random tests to see if all the shift registers and LEDs are working properly or not!

Hey guys, don’t forget to click on the above video clip and watch the demonstration of the rotating LED POV display!

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  1. 2 flaws that I can see:
    A. The yellow is unstable. (better to use separate LEDs for each color so that you can line them up properly)
    B. you have LED’s on only one side reducing the refresh-rate. (putting them on both sides gives you a refresh-rate that is twice the RPM and it reduces the amount of counterweighting required)

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