The Remarkable Emergency Lightbar Controller

Are you curious about the police car emergency siren and would you want to find out the way to build one for your own? Yeah, it sounds like a very fun and interesting project to all of you here, isn’t it?

For your information, most of the emergency sirens that being mounted on the top of police cars were cost at least hundred bucks or even more! Therefore, if you can discover the effective way to cut down the build up cost, the local police department might hire you to develop the emergency sirens for them.

Guys, there are two different versions of emergency lightbar controller here. The first version was a 24 output project that uses a PIC16F627 microcontroller to read a panel of operator input switches. Beside that, it can be used to control 16 to 24 high current outputs to drive a variety of lamp options on a roof-mounted lightbar.

The second version is a single sided 8 output device, where it could be used as a portable warning device for construction vehicles. Technically, it was well designed to be mounted inside the rear window of a pickup truck or plugged into the cigar lighter.

After you’ve done with it, don’t forget to put it on your car to test it. However, you should watch out for not being caught by the police by putting the false siren!

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