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The real dashboard for bicycle

Today most bicycles are equipped with lamps, generators. Probably with trip counters and probably more. Often these are there and to access them you need to to this from different places. Bicycle computers are small and most often with watch size LCD which may be hard to spot – especially at night. Aleator777 decided to change this by building bike dashboard which is big, bright and easy to use.

As base computer he’s chosen Arduino Micro which controls all sensors and lamps. Bicycle lamps are driven through n-channel MOSFETs. 12V power supply is made of eight 1.2V batteries. Bicycle speed is read with reed switch which pulses go through debouncer circuit made of RC and then goes through 74HC14 Hex Inverting Schmidt Trigger. Speedometer is built of 6 LEDs driven directly by Arduino digital pins. Designed dashboard with Adobe Illustrator which then was laser cut out of plywood. The box is quite big that sits on handlebar. It also fits the front halogen lamp. After it’s been finished, there came some ideas for upgrades that might be: sound system, turn signals, more resolution on speedometer and even LCD odometer. In my opinion I would probably think of adding rechargeable battery that could be charged with on-wheel generator also headlamp could be power LED that is more efficient than halogen.

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