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The PIC12F683 Based Water Level Sensor

Do you have a big water tank in your house, where you mostly use it to fill the tap water? If you did, then you must be very pissed off, when you forgot to turn off the tap and the water spill out from the water tank occasionally…

Well, don’t mad about yourself, as you’ve a better solution for it! In this case, you can build a highly sensitive water level sensor. For your information, water level sensor is being used to detect liquid level, as the liquid to be measured either can be inside a container/water tank or can be in its natural form.


Basically, it has two different measurements: Continuous or point values. Continuous level sensors are normally measure level within a specified range, especially it related with the exact amount of liquid in a certain place. In other hand, Point level sensors only measures a specific level, and it’s used to detect high level or low level alarms!

It’s quite an easy project, where there are very few electronic components being used here. You only need an PIC12F683, two resistors (one 100 ohm and one 10K ohm), a 0.1uF capacitor, a HCM1206X buzzer and 4.5V batteries. Then, you only have to put all the things together and you’re done with it!

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  1. Please those anyone have any links where i can get a detailed project of a microcontroller PIC based water level sensor input and valve motion output.
    I would appreciate your help

  2. The link “read” is under the article. But description isn’t very detailed. But at least you can download source code.

  3. how to download the source code?

  4. Follow the [read] link and press Firmware v1.0.


  6. whats the IC of this?

  7. hye… i just want to ask.. if i want to do a water sensor but i want LED ON when no water… means i want to detect when no water there…. can anyone help me..

  8. Can you send to me a *.hex , because my compiler is not ready to run this program

  9. Hello, i just wanna ask.. i want to do the water level sensor in a small water tank for hydroponic purpose.. where it lights the LED on when its at a minimum level of water, ( so that i know when the water is decreasing) how can i start with it and should i do a programming for it again?

  10. hey….can anyone help me ….which other non programmable Integrated Circuit can i use instead of the 12F683

  11. Just google “555 water level sensor”

  12. Please share the source file, I cannot find it on source link.

  13. Thank you for your post. It is very usful. I hope to visit your site.

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