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The PIC 16F877-based USB Interface

Guys, PIC USB Interface is not longer a fresh stuff, as many of you have been created this project before, maybe not once, but twice or more…

However, each of the PIC USB Interface is having its own specialty, like this PIC 16F877 microcontroller. Well, it’s a simple design, which is using the PIC16F877 microcontroller and the FTDI FT245 USB FIFO device as the main parts.


Basically, it has been designed using a single-sided PCB with only one surface mount device. Since it used the FTDI FT245BM FIFO device in the project, the part is able to handle all the details of communicating via the USB bus. By only a simple 1Kbit serial EEPROM, it holds most of the USB configuration information.

After you’ve assembling the PCB, you must doing the inspection for solder shorts. You can remove the PIC microcontroller and plug in the PCB + USB device + EEPROM into a USB hub on your PC!

Keep in mind that the release of the FTDI Common Driver Model (CDM) driver setup is very easy. Well, you just had to install the D2XX drivers to use MPROG, un-install them, install the VCP (Virtual COM Port) drivers and run your application for the final test!

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