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The Palm-Sized LED Scroller

You don’t get enough with the LEDs and you want to apply them into another different form? Well, then this palm-sized LED scroller might make you excited for couple of days!

In this project, you’ll need to use an AVR micro Attiny2313, where it’s ideal for controlling pin 13 to the array of LEDs. By the way, you can apply the pins on the optimal order to occupy as little as possible.


The reason you should use the AVR micro Attiny2313 due to its compact and multifunction features. Furthermore, this AVR microcontrollers an entirely GNU GCC compiler (avr-gcc). This specification allows the user to develop applications without the use of commercial compilers. The user also has the full power of the C language and the GNU community. To be honest, with the WinAVR and AVR Studio, it enables the user to do the whole process of programming, compilation and recording of the firmware.

Beside that, the AVR micros are based on a core framework to develop applications for all models are only the adapter to the resource of each. Another great deal of AVR RISC is it allows you to run almost all instructions in one clock cycle, where it make the calculation of time easier, accurate and save more energy as well!

Have some great moment with this LED scroller.

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