The Outstanding Karaoke and Audio Processor

People love to do different types of activities to kill off their spare time. Some of them enjoy singing with the Karaoke, even they’re dreaming themselves can turn into a singing superstar, just like those ordinary people in the reality shows, “American Idol” or “America’s Got Talent”!

Well, it’s good to dream big, as it’s one of the momentum to keep us go as far as possible. By the way, if singing is your favorite hobby, maybe you should consider building a Karaoke and Audio processor!


It isn’t too hard to develop this project. However, you should know the concept of it first. For your information, this project consists of hardware and software parts. The hardware parts included the Zilog Z8 Encore Evaluation Board and an analog processing board. These components are for conditioning the input analog waveform and processing the PWM output from the Zilog Z8 Encore Evaluation Board.

In other hand, the software was developed on the XTools ZDS II IDE. It consist a set of signal processing routines, which allows it to provide features desired in a typical Karaoke environment, such as video echo, voice reverb and pitch transformation within one switch.

If you’re a talented singer, you should have this device to assist you during your singing session. So, it’s time to get your hands on and build this project!

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  1. A great achievement the Outstanding Karaoke and Audio Processor makes a lot of facilities for the users.

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