The Outstanding Arduino Strobe Algae Bioreactor

We all knew that Arduino is definitely a very special electronic device, as you can do many incredible electronic projects with a simple arduino!

Well, if you’re looking for a home décor, but you don’t want to spend huge money out from your wallet, maybe this fantastic Arduino Strobe Algae Bioreactor is your ideal choice.


Believe it or not, the Arduino Strobe Algae Bioreactor is only cost you about $60 and less than three hours to accomplish it! Honestly, you don’t need to be an expert to build this project, as it only require basic power tools.


For your information, algae has been recognized as one of the most potential environmental friendly powers, where many researchers have been involved in the algae experiment to cultivate the unknown parts of algae.

In this project, it’s a very easy one, where you use a platform for one technique that is broadly used with to trick the algae into reproducing. The algae species reacts differently in many ways to its environment.

You can create a microcontroller platform that can be variably set and allows for easy configuration to any bioreactor. Furthermore, the LEDs can be easily swapped out to experiment with different colors and even UV for some hydrogen producing species.

In overall, the Arduino Strobe Algae Bioreactor could be the finest home décor inside your home and impress the guests!

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