The Neat and Smart dsPIC33 Breakout Box

There are different types of microcontrollers in the PIC family and one of the most familiar PIC families would be the dsPIC33.

The reasons why the microchip dsPIC33 frequently being used in the digital signal controller related projects because it runs at 40 MIPS, and with up to 256 Kbytes of self-programming Flash, more than 30 Kbytes of RAM and 64 to 100-pin packages. Beside that, it’s including an 8-channel non-intrusive DMA and the option of 1.1 Msps high performance A/D converters too!

Today, you will try to apply this dsPIC33 into a breakout box or BoB, which it’s usually a box that a compound electrical connector is totally separated into its component connectors.

Basically, the compound connectors are used where sufficient space for connections is unavailable, such as on personal computer sound cards! This means if there are only a few connections, then a breakout cable will be used here, as it’s a common matter on a smaller notebook computers.

For your information, a breakout box can also mean a piece of electronic test equipment, which has been used for diagnosing problems in computer communications, especially over a serial port.

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