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The Mobile Phone Size LED Micro-Readerboard is Awesome!

Do you need LED micro-readerboard to help you in the daily tasks? If you did, then you have to check out this LED micro-readerboard.

For your information, this LED micro-readerboard has a size of mobile phone. Don’t judge based on its appearance, as it uses a standard common cathode LED display and a new set of phrases. It requires any a very small amount of power to keep it operates. Thus, it features a longer battery life form than any other Led readerboards.


You can easily download the code from internet, as it’s an open source project. This LED micro-readerboard is very spectacular, where it spells out simple preprogrammed messages, such as “MAKE” or “HELLO WORLD”, one letter at a time on the big bright single-character alphanumeric LED display.

It automatically picks up a new message from its memory to repeat, soon after you turned on the switch. Up to fifteen phrases can be included and a bank of optional holiday messages can be enabled as well with some help of the default firmware.

You don’t familiar with the programming stuff? Well, don’t worry about it, as the project doesn’t need any programming at all. All you have to do is a simple electronics soldering part! However, it would be a problem, if you have no soldering skill…

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