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The Marvelous Atmel AVR Infrared Downloader

Honestly, how many of you here ever tried to develop an infrared downloader with the Atmel AVR before? Don’t underestimate this project, as you might think that it’s pretty easy to build it here, but the truth is you will have to need some concentration and determination to get this done!

Basically, this project has two main parts, which as the host-side and target-side.

The host-side is mainly consisting of host-program for Win32 PC using Libusb-Win32, where it’s a device that based on ATmega8 and using firmware-only USB driver by Objective Development and infrared hardware unit. In the mean time, the host program was compiled by using Lazarus Freepascal and the device firmware was compiled using WinAVR or ACR-GCC! The implementation for host-side is uses custom device class, which it only required simple inf file and libusb driver on PC without any further additional programming source code.

Now, the second part – target-side consists of device minimum system that based on ATmega162 and infrared hardware unit. For your information, the device minimum system is consisting of ATmega162, external SRAM 8Kbyte and ISP interface, while the device firmware was fully compiled using Codevision AVR!

So, I will leave you guys now with this fantastic project, don’t forget to have some serious fun with it

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