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The Light-up In The Dark Sparkling L-Systems

First of all, you must be wondered, “What is L-Systems?” Well, L-Systems is the short acronym for “Lindenmayer systems” and is a particular type of symbolic dynamical system with the added feature of a geometrical interpretation of the evolution of the system. Due to its ability to generate self-similar fractals, such as iterated function systems, L-Systems have been widely used in biology and botanical fields!

The main goal for today’s project is to explore the creation of L-Systems on a field programmable gate array (FPGA). The processing capability of the FPGA that has been fully programmed using a hardware description language (HDL) is already inherently parallel by nature.


The strength and versatility of the FPGA lies in performing myriad operation at once. In this case, they can be configured to perform assorted operations and calculations in different kinds of serial fashion.

The biggest advantage of using FPGA in this project is the celerity and volume of calculations is greatly enhanced due to the application specific nature of the hardware. As a result, it yields greater advantages for highly iterative, calculation intensive models, which take significant calculation time for a serial processor!

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