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The Interactive Real-time 3D Stereogram

Life is supposed to be full with many interesting stuffs. That’s why there are many electronic components have been invented day after day. Frankly, you won’t get bored in the electronics world, as there are a bunch of projects waiting for us to discover it (WoW, it sounds like the Discovery Channel, isn’t it? Lol).


Today, you’re very lucky, as we’re trying to create the interactive real-time 3D stereogram. Talking about stereogram, did anyone here know what is it about? A stereogram is an optical illusion of depth created from flat, two-dimensional images. In the very beginning, stereogram is referred to a pair of stereo images, where could be viewed using stereoscope. Charles Wheatstone is the people who discovered stereogram in 1838. He found an explanation of binocular vision, which led him to construct a stereoscope based on a combination of prisms and mirrors. This is to allow a person to see 3D images from two 2D pictures!

This interactive real-time stereogram is different from others, as it has a platform that can generate a 3D stereo image from a depth map, which records the distance to each pixel within the image. Well, the depth map can be a dynamic scene with varying depth values.

Each of the horizontal line of the stereogram image is generated on the fly from the corresponding line of the depth map. As a result, the images are going to display on a VGA screen at a resolution of 640×480 pixels.

Furthermore, the user is able to toggle between the display of the depth map and the stereogram with the DE2 board switches.

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