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The Interactive DIY Multitouch Display

It’s fun to build the tangible computer interfaces, especially the interactive multitouch displays. Come on, it isn’t too hard to create this device, all you need here are:

  • Plain paper,

  • Cardboard box multitouch displays

  • Advanced IR projections.

Beside that, you might also need an LCD that allows you to tear apart, light source (60 watt bulb), a camera, some film negatives, plexan and cables.

First of all, you have to disassemble the LCD and removing the backlight or any non translucent material. After that, you must sandwich it in between two sheets of plexan. Glue it together with hot glue.

Remember to build a box that able to hold our display, camera and light. In addition, you have to modify the camera to make it sensitive to IR too!

Lastly, assemble all the stuffs together and adjust the sliders to only read the correct ‘blobs’ or IR light. By the way, please make sure that you hit enter to run calibration and press ‘ESC’ to save the whole program, before you’re exist the program! Or else, the program won’t be executed.

Go ahead and try this interactive DIY multitouch display project in this weekend. Hope you’ll have fun moment with it!

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