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The Innovative Multimeter For Measuring Power Supply Unit

Do you ever think it would be better if you have a multimeter, which can be used to measure output voltage and current in a PSU, where the current sense shunt resistor is connected in series and still has load at the negative voltage rail? If you did, then you must be interested on today project!

The multimeter that you’re going to make today will requires only one supply voltage, which it can be acquired from the main PSU. Therefore, an additional function of the multimeter is, so it can control an electric fan will be used to cool down the main heatsink.

As a result, the power threshold at the fan switches on can be easily adjusted by simply using One Touch Button Setup!

Furthermore, you can use the Multimeter with measurement of the amount of electric charge, where the main source its comes from PSU to charge your RC Li-Pol cells. The PSU is a very convenient tool, as the constant-current, constant-voltage charging is easy to archive. As a result, the charged capacitance indicator will give possibility to estimate cells condition and level of discharge after the cells have been used!

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