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The Innovative Midea Air Conditioner Timer

Could you ever imagine what is going to happen on the people inside a house, when the central air conditioning system is suddenly broken down, especially in the middle of summer or winter?

Honestly, it would be a huge disaster, as the people in the house would be rather hot or cold to death! In order to prevent the catastrophe happens on your home, it’s always a wise decision to build a smart Midea Air Conditioner Timer!

Midea Air Conditioner Timer

You must be wondering, “Oh, what is the specialty of the Midea Air Conditioner Timer?” Well, it’s a small, battery powered, IR emitter that would help us to remote control the air conditioner an hour, before we’re heading back to home.

For developing the Midea Air Conditioner Timer, you have to hook an IR diode up to an oscilloscope and transmit the start code from the air conditioner remote control to determine the pulse timing and carrier frequency.

Once the frequency has been defined, you can control the timing by using the watchdog interrupt. Furthermore, remember to minimize the error of the internal RC clock, by turning the unit off and back on every day to reset it.

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